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Next-Gen provide green energy solutions powered by the sun. Save money and reduce your carbon footprint.

With 40 years’ experience in solar energy, we’re helped thousands of households and businesses to reduce their energy costs.

We work with leading suppliers and only provide accredited solutions based on their outstanding quality and performance.

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Why go green?

Under the Energy of Building Performance Directive (EPBD) all countries in the EU have a target to reduce carbon emissions.

Rising energy costs have sparked a fuel poverty crisis.

We’re here to help you take control of your energy and reduce your bills.


Make the switch

Switching to renewable energy will save you money, and in some instances, even make you money.

You will be one step closer to a more sustainable lifestyle – which is good for you, and great for the planet.


Our promise

We understand that making a change isn’t always easy.

Which is why every member of our team is trained to give you the best possible advice and solution to suit your needs.

We provide green energy solutions to homes, farms and businesses all over Ireland.

For any enquiries, speak directly to a member of our sales team.

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Let’s go green together